Resource Marketing Drives Customer Success
Through higher revenues and better relationships

I make this really good product and my friends say I should sell it to a Warehouse Club

Twenty years ago, we were approached by a man producing an item in his garage and selling door-to-door to retail grocery stores. Realizing the uniqueness of this item, we worked with him to locate a production co-packer, develop his packaging and create a club program. The item was very successful in the clubs, allowing him to launch a variety of items in warehouses and retail venues. Ultimately, he built his own production facility and sold the business for over $40M dollars six years ago.

You told the buyer what???

A mid-size food supplier came to Resource Marketing after watching their Costco business shrink from $4M per year to $1M due to personality conflicts with internal buyers and the supplier’s senior management. With the help of RM’s experience, relationships and discerning insight, business turned around over a short period of time. Relationships were repaired, and sales grew to nearly $9M per year.

You represent how many of the same types of product lines?

During their time with a large, national club broker, a multi-billion dollar fresh food corporation had seen no increase in sales. If anything, the company was losing sales and missing opportunities to competitors represented by the same broker. After joining Resource Marketing, the food company has seen double-digit sales growth, and was just awarded a two-year private label contract.

Bigger isn’t always better

Six years ago, one of our clients was invited by Costco's national buying team to compete against some of the largest international food companies. The competition winner would become the sole supplier in a highly competitive category. Our supplier was by far the smallest company in the running, so the RM team assisted them using a unique approach. The food company successfully beat all participating competitors, and RM still enjoys working with this business today.

Local company makes good (and healthy)

We approached Costco Wholesale with one of our clients to discuss how we could help the warehouse create a product that was a better-tasting, healthier and less expensive alternative to national brands. Costco loved the product and the unique production process used by our client, and decided to replace the national brand with a Kirkland Signature item packed by a regional supplier. This new Signature item can now be found in all Costco warehouses.